A Meeting of the Minds

Training & eTracking Solutions is the brainchild of Martin Dennis, who, after over 25 years working in the social services industry, wanted to find a way to give something back. After talking with many social service providers, he soon realized that a huge issue for social service agencies is training employees and he set out to find a better way to train.

Enter Adam Noll, eLearning aficionado, to help Marty create online training programs that are a step above anything else out there. The problem with other online trainings out there is that they just aren’t that effective. We make use of the latest technology, combined with the expertise of real-life trainers with years of experience to bring you trainings that are quick, engaging, and, most of all, effective.

Training & eTracking Solutions develops innovative and unique online training and offers a different way to learn online. We re-create real, relevant, on-the-job scenarios that not only teach our students, but let them immediately apply everything they learn. We strive to create as close to a real-life training environment as possible, and our students leave with knowledge and confidence in their abilities that other training providers just can’t match.

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