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Advantages of Online Training

Posted by Jess Sexton on Tue, Nov 12, 2019

Advantages-of-Online-TrainingAre you on the fence about switching to online training? We get it – there’s a lot to consider! The pricing, monitoring your employees, certifications, it’s a big change to make. The truth of it is, online training is an excellent way for employees to develop vital skills – and more! We’ve compiled a quick list of just some of the advantages of online training.

You Can Customize It

Have a large staff that you need to train? We can create your necessary training and make it available 24/7 for all your employees! No longer will you have to worry about coordinating schedules and gathering everyone to train them.

It’s Affordable
It’s understandable to hesitate when it comes to buying something online, especially when you don’t get a material product. But you do get effective training and certification. There’s no travel involved, and since the content is written and recorded, it’s always available for reference.

It’s Available on Any Device with Internet Access
If it can get to an internet browser, it can get to our courses. We make our trainings desktop- and mobile-friendly so you can learn in whatever method you want!

You Can Take It Anytime, Anywhere
Since there’s no physical location to go to for training, there are no hours of availability! You can take online training at any time no matter where you are! Again, just as long as you have internet access, you can access your trainings.

Anyone Can Take It
We make our courses and programs easy to use for all your employees. When set up properly, the simple interface allows employees to follow each step of the training program without feeling overwhelmed; with easy-to-follow navigation buttons, progressing through the courses is a breeze!

You Can Take It at Your Own Pace
You can pace yourself and go back in our trainings to make sure you got all the information. You can also retake the trainings as many times as you want; some select trainings and programs expire, however, so once the certification expires, you can no longer retake those courses or programs. And if you’re a faster learner, you won’t have to wait for the person who asks a lot of questions to move on to the next topic!

You Can Test Your Knowledge on the Spot
There are questions in our courses and a quiz afterwards. You won’t have to wait to experience something in the field to ensure you understood your training.

…And Immediately Apply it to Your Job!
Our courses are developed so what you learn is immediately applicable. There’s no additional time needed for certification – you get that as soon as you pass the post-test quiz!

You’ll be Prepared for an Audit
One of the most important things about taking a training course is to prove you actually completed it – especially if you’re taking a government-mandated program! If you need to satisfy an audit, all you have to do is run one of our built-in reports and show it to the auditor.

The best part about online training? It’s all in one place! You won’t have to worry about digging through an old file cabinet to find one person’s certificate or squinting at a faded spreadsheet to see a test score. Still not convinced? Give us a call!

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