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What is eTracking?

Posted by Matt Gardner on Wed, May 02, 2012

Online training has many benefits on its own, but if you still store your employee records and training certifications offline, you’re missing a key part of the complete online training experience. This is where eTracking comes into play.

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What is eTracking?

eTracking is a system by which employers and employees alike can access records that are stored in an online file cabinet. Just like using an internet search engine to find information, you can quickly and easily look up any information about an employee or training program associated with your organization. Since all the files are stored securely online, they can be accessed from anywhere, and are automatically organized for easy searching and sorting.

Why is eTracking important to online training programs?

eTracking does make searching for records easier than a traditional, offline storage system, but the key benefit, and namesake, of eTracking is that an eTracking system can instantaneously track the status and results of any online training program or test. The successful completion of an online training session or completion of a subsequent quiz will be instantly and automatically recorded in your personal database, making sure you never have to manually store records again.

An eTracking system, when combined with your online training program, provides a complete electronic training experience from start to finish. The next time you’re reviewing your online training options, make sure you think about what happens to your records once the training is over.

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