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Giving Thanks to Our Teammates

Posted by Jess Sexton on Tue, Nov 26, 2019

Giving-Thanks-to-Our-Teammates-[Converted]-[Recovered]When someone goes the extra mile for someone else – especially when they didn’t have to – it’s reassuring to feel appreciated for those efforts (not to mention how they can benefit performance reviews!). If your coworker helped you out and saved the day, here is a cornucopia of ways you can say “thank you.”

Bring in Something Yummy
A surprise coffee or cupcake can make just about anyone’s day. A small gesture like this shows that your coworker was so awesome that you took extra time to find a treat that you thought they would enjoy.

Buy Them a Small Gift
Has your coworker been talking about something they’re interested in – like a hobby or a collection? Buy them a gift that’s related to it! Even if it’s just something small, as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.

Let Your Boss Know
You want your boss to know when you’ve done something exceptionally well, right? Odds are your coworkers do too. If your coworker really helped you out, tell your supervisor! Send them a quick email with what your coworker helped you with and how appreciative you are for them.

Write Them a NoteGiving-Thanks_-2
Handwritten notes may seem old fashioned, but they are still a genuine way to show your gratitude. A physical note of appreciation is also something your coworker can proudly display on their workstation. If you don’t quite know what to write in it, just include what they helped you with, how it helped you, and how grateful you are – that’s it! Short and genuine can go a long way.

Be There for Them
Your coworker was there for you, so you should be there for them (that is, unless they want to rob a bank). If they need help with a project or particularly difficult client, help them out! This not only shows your gratitude, but it also strengthens your professional relationship.

Simply Say “Thanks”
If you want your coworker to know you appreciate them and everything they’ve helped you with, tell them! No bells and whistles, no confusion as to what they like, no concern to potential food allergies, just a simple “thank you for helping me with ___________,” goes a long way, especially if you say it face-to-face!

It’s the season of thankfulness; if your coworkers have helped you out, backed you up, or have just been especially awesome, let them know!

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