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Teams Aren't Just for Sports!

Posted by Carly Weisengoff on Tue, Feb 19, 2019

teams-arent-just-for-sportsAny time you’ve ever had a job, whether you knew it or not, you were part of a team - from your first entry-level position to wherever you are now. If it didn’t feel like a team, or if you still don’t feel like you’re part of a team now, then maybe the team you’re part of has some issues to work out. Maybe your team hasn’t realized it’s a team at all!

Teamwork in the workplace is critical for allowing a workforce to perform at its absolute best. Here are some of the best reasons for working as a team:

Teamwork fosters unity and synergy
When it comes to teams, the sum is always greater than the parts. In sports, teams work together, and that teamwork allows each individual to perform better than they would if they were working independently. The same is true in the workplace. You want to feel like you’re at home at work - comfortable, engaged, and driven to accomplish your goals. You can’t do that if you see every other employee as an obstacle, a potential rival, or a threat to your job!

Work on fostering an environment built on teamwork. Shared goals, regular encouragement, and, ultimately, the sense of responsibility that comes with working with a team will provide everyone in your team with incentive to perform at their very best.

Teams see things individuals can’t
By focusing on teamwork in the work environment, you encourage the sharing of ideas, of perspectives, and open the floor to feedback that you otherwise might never hear. Your teammate might be able to spot a flaw in your office proposal that you overlooked – or, you might be able to help your teammate work through a problem that’s had them stumped.

Two heads are better than one, as the old saying goes - and while there are some tasks that have to be handled alone, there’s no reason to tackle a problem by yourself when you have coworkers available to help.

Teamwork provides improved efficiency and productivity
The fact of the matter is, teams are better at solving problems, and doing so in a productive, efficient manner. That is why companies see increased productivity and innovation from healthy work environments where teamwork is a priority. Teams hold the individuals within them accountable, which will heighten performance at an individual level as well.

No one likes disappointing their teammates, and no one likes being the person holding a team back!

Teamwork helps us learn and grow
While one of the undeniable benefits of teamwork is the ability to cover for individual weaknesses and really draw out strengths, another thing that teamwork does is foster growth. By working in a team, you are able to learn from mistakes - your teammates’ as well as your own - in a positive, stable environment. You gain insight from each team member’s unique perspective, and you’re able to develop skills by observing the strengths of others.

This sort of workplace learning environment means that while each team member is performing better, they’re also learning and growing at the same time. The active engagement of working in a team will help with future endeavors, and help each employee become better at solving problems and coming up with solutions in the future.

Just like a sports team, an organization is made up of a group of people all working towards the same goal - why not work towards that goal together? Why not make the most of everyone’s individual strengths, cover each others’ weaknesses, and reap the rewards of a strong, cohesive workforce?  

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