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Manage Your Time Better With These 6 Tips

Posted by Amy Lewkovich on Wed, Aug 16, 2017

Sometimes it seems like there just isn’t enough time in a day to get through your to-do list. We’ve all uttered that complaint: “there just isn’t enough time!” But the reality is that we all have the same amount of time every day – so how is it that some people achieve so much more with their time than others? The answer is time management.

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8 Conflict Resolution Tips To Strengthen Your Relationships

Posted by Amy Lewkovich on Tue, Apr 25, 2017

Conflict is a normal and natural part of life. It’s how we deal with conflict that will determine the strength and stability of our personal and professional relationships. The goal should always be to address conflict in a direct and assertive manner, while also being respectful to and of the other person. When handled effectively, conflict can be an opportunity for progress and positive change.

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What Competencies Should Great Front-Line Managers Have?

Posted by Adam Noll on Thu, Sep 05, 2013

Great supervisors and managers work hard to create and implement a vision, facilitate change, mentor employees, gather and evaluate information, communicate with others, make tough decisions, build relationships and control the climate in the workplace. Based on those core skills, the traits of effective managers can be divided into four categories, focusing on interpersonal skills, leadership, conflict resolution and the desire to improve not only yourself but also your workplace and the people around you.

To provide objectively in the process of evaluating whether or not managers have the skills needed to do their job, it is imperative to implement a training program that is efficient and universal and one that focuses on the core competencies required for effective leadership. Agencies need to have the ability to match managers and direct care workers to the community they serve by offering employees and managers training plans that cater to the communities they support.

To that end, it is important to offer a library of courses that hone-in on the unique characteristics and responsibilities of successful managers. In addition to the four core focus areas, first-time managers should also complete a five-course introductory package entitled “Management Basics” that serves as an introduction to the field for new managers.  

Let's take a look at the core competencies below:

Leadership Techniques

With enhanced leadership skills, supervisors will be ready to meet the difficult challenges of today’s business world. Good leaders have the ability to assess their own leadership style and develop an action plan that meets the needs of their organization and staff, all while creating and maintaining high levels of performance.

Problem Solving

Supervisors are faced with an array of problems, some that seem insurmountable and some so minor they’re nothing more than a nuisance. The way managers choose to handle these problems will say a lot about them, so it’s important that they possess the knowledge, tools and techniques needed to solve problems effectively and efficiently.

Developing Staff

Staff Development is the continuous process of passing on new knowledge and skills that relate to one’s profession, job responsibilities and/or work environment. When properly carried out, staff development plays a key role in maintaining trained, informed and motivated employees.

Effective Communication

Organizational success is dependent on the ability to communicate with one another, whether this interaction takes place face to face or virtually. Every interpersonal interaction is an opportunity to develop trust and exert a positive influence. In any job, but especially as a supervisor, effective communication is one of the most powerful skills needed to achieve goals.

Employee Orientation Ebook

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