Content Conversion

Organizations need training. Agencies in the developmental disabilities field, for example, need to ensure that their direct care workers have the training they need to properly support individuals with developmental disabilities. This is not a revelation to anyone, and no organization would simply wait around for an online option before ensuring its employees are properly trained.

What does this mean? Well, it means that organizations can have training materials that are years and years old. They may even be simple packets of pages and pages of dry materials that were put together long before better options were available. But, here we are in the future where better options are available!

It’s too late, right? Nobody wants to have to develop an entirely new training program when they already have materials available. Of course not! The thing is, you don’t have to. Training & eTracking Solutions can take your existing training materials and turn them into fully functional online training programs, all at no cost to organizations that provide the materials.

convert to online training

When we say "provide the materials" what we mean is that you can give us hard copies of what you're teaching (for example, your outline or the notes from which you teach) or we can record one of your training programs and go from there. 

If you have training programs you wish were more effective, easier to use, or just less reminiscent of an age before the Internet, Training & eTracking Solutions can help. All you have to do is provide your materials (in whichever fashion works for you), and we’ll handle the rest.