Our Corporate Partners

Training & eTracking Solutions has partnered with several companies to introduce cost-saving programs, and supportive solutions that enhance the training experience. Below you will find a list of some of these products and services:

Grimm Dorrill logo

The Law Firm of Grimm and Dorrill, LLC was created for the general practice of law with special expertise in health care and governmental relations. Because of the firm’s unique insight into government oversight of regulation and health care delivery, the firm is positioned to provide legal, contractual and consultative services to existing health care providers, potential applicants and other agencies.


With limited time and resources, managing IT issues can be a handful.  The rate at which computer software is quickly outdated is rapidly increasing and hardware failure can set your team back for hours or even days.  

Render Perfect Digital Media

It takes a lot of time and work to put high-quality online training programs together and sometimes you need to call for backup!  That's where the guys at Render Perfect come in.  With a talented multimedia production crew and security level programers these guys are the cat's meow in online development.  They can do everything from website design and video shoots/editing, to online marketing and SEO.


Delta T Group is a national broker and referral service for specialized types of healthcare professionals. Delta-T refers licensed and non-licensed professionals of varying degree and skill levels in the fields of social services, psychiatry, mental health, addictions treatment, allied therapies, radiology and pharmacy. The Company's primary customers are hospitals, community mental health centers, outpatient treatment facilities and residential homes.