Your Training. Your Way.
Customized Online Training For You

Online training offers a unique opportunity for organizations to let their employees train on their own time, whenever they can. In the middle of the night, on weekends, or even in several short sessions spread out over a week. It follows that online training is universally more open and less restrictive than existing in-house training, right? Well… no.

“No? You’re an online training company, you can’t say ‘no’!”

It’s ok, there is an explanation! The reason online training programs can be more restrictive is that they are often built on a very general set of learning objectives. These objectives do not cater to the specific needs of anyone in particular, so organizations are forced to squeeze themselves into a pre-set mold. That’s not something we’re prepared to accept.

Training & eTracking Solutions doesn’t believe in restricting anyone to our existing list of training programs. I mean, if you want to look at our expansive list of training programs and take some (or all) of them, that’s the best news we could hear! But we refuse to limit you to just that list. If you have a custom training program you want to bring online, or one you want to develop from scratch, we will do that for you.

So, let’s revisit the initial question! Is online training universally less restrictive than in-house training? At Training & eTracking Solutions, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”online toolbox