Customize Your Content

Studies have shown that companies should carefully craft the information provided in employee orientation and that the first few minutes of the orientation program can lead to more productive workers who are happy to be part of your team. Information that appeals to and interests your new employees heightens their enthusiasm for the new position and is the first step on the road to a long-term positive relationship.

We'll work with you to incorporate your current orientation materials into a new online version. Since the information in your online orientation will come directly from you, it can be as customized as you want it to be. For example, if you currently offer different sessions to different employees based on their job title or previous work experience, we can do that! If your current materials are very cut and dry, we can work with you to jazz them up and make them more interesting. We can even create infographics and interactive simulations to make the material more visually appealing, as well as easier to comprehend and retain.


When it comes to employee orientation, we all know the core pieces - benefits packages, paid time off, and sick leave - but really, the options for making your new employees feel like part of the team from day one are endless.

We'll provide a template for you to follow, but some of our most successful clients think outside the box and include some really creative, interesting, and helpful pieces of information. Remember, the more your new employees know before they start work, and the more comfortable they feel in their new position, the better off everyone is. Plus, when you put all these pieces of information into an online package, your employees can go back to them as often as necessary, whenever they want to check on something.

Some creative things to consider including in your online employee orientation:

  • a welcome video from the CEO 
  • a welcome video from the new hire's immediate manager
  • an overview of each department’s function
  • an overview of a typical day at your company
  • a chart showing the company hierarchy
  • personnel profiles (perhaps with pictures of each person)
  • a glossary of company terms and/or FAQs
  • a map of the facility and parking lots
  • a map showing nearby coffee shops and restaurants