Employee Orientation on Demand

So far we've listed a lot of reasons your HR staff will be happy with online employee orientation, but let's face it, the new staff will love it too. Since they won’t have to attend a full day of orientation, it’s like they have an extra day of vacation. As long as they’ve completed orientation before their first day on the job, they can do it from home, on the couch, or they can do it poolside or beachside, as long as they have a web-enabled device. It's employee orientation on demand!

Online employee orientation offers a unique opportunity for organizations to let their new employees review materials, watch videos, and print and fill out forms on their own time, whenever they can (and want) to do it. Maybe that's in the middle of the night, over the weekend, or even in several short sessions spread out over a week. Nothing says "we appreciate you" like telling new employees they can skip the full-day orientation session and instead, do it from home, on their own time.


Because everyone learns at a different pace and everyone retains information differently, your employees will appreciate the opportunity for stress-free, self-paced learning. If any of your employees get to a certain point in the orientation and don’t fully understand the material, they can can go back and review it, as often as necessary. The materials will always be in the learning management system so employees can look over them, even after they're completed the orientation, whenever the urge strikes.