Engage Your Employees During Orientation

We're always talking to executives and human resources professionals about how to create an employee orientation presentation that engages and excites employees.

One concern we hear from time to time is that online learning lacks the "personal touch". This concern is about losing the opportunity for facetime with each new employee or not getting immediate feedback from the new hires. We recognize those concerns and feel that our online orientation program addresses those issues.

Furthermore, when we ask "how many people typically attend an orientation session?", more often than not, the answer is 50, 100, or more. Which raises the question "just how much personal attention are those employees actually receiving?"

Every presenter has experienced a situation where the audience starts to zone out: glazed-over eyes looking back at you, attendees yawning or looking at their phones, or worse yet, dozing off.


Employee orientation fits that mold to a T. It's safe to say that not everyone in the room will share the same interests, or the same ability to comprehend the materials being presented. Today's busy employees want to learn at their own pace, in a comfortable setting, and at a time that is convenient to them. This is the primary reason so many companies are switching to online employee orientation. It's easy, less expensive for both the employer and the employees, and it allows your organization to convey necessary and important information in a concise, and interesting, manner.

Our base employee orientation package incorporates interactive exercises that keep your new hires engaged and interested. You can add videos, pictures and images, and even a schematic of each of your facilities, pointing out emergency exits, available parking, and any other points of interest. The options are endless - your customized employee orientation presentation can include almost anything you can think of. And, if you need extra help, we're here to liven up your materials or condense them into a more concise presentation.

Plus, you can request feedback at the end of the presentation. Everyone wants their opinions to be heard - by asking your employees how they liked the orientation program, you're giving them the opportunity to contribute to an important company-wide project, right from day one. Talk about being part of a team! We can also include an "email now" button to allow new staff to directly email questions, concerns, or comments directly to your HR department or management team.

Another nifty feature we can add to your orientation package is access to an employee discussion site that is specific to your organization. This feature allows your employees to access a secure site where they can "meet" and discuss issues with their co-workers in real time, reinforcing the idea that everyone is on the same "team."

Some suggestions for adding engagement to your online employee orientation:

  • Welcome videos from the CEO and/or the new hire's immediate manager
  • Personnel profiles featuring photos that become bios when you hover over them
  • Ability to send an email directly to the HR contact
  • Ability to interaction, through the orientation, with other new employees
  • An interactive map of the facility and parking lots
  • A map of nearby restaurants, coffee shops, etc. 
  • A list of FAQs with a contact person and phone number or email address
  • Evaluation form at the end of the presentation