Save Time On Employee Orientation

Do you spend weeks, maybe even months, preparing for employee orientation? Is a big chunk of that time spent in the copy room, printing hundreds if not thousands of employee handbook and benefits packages? If you answered yes to either (or both) of those questions, it's time to start thinking about providing online employee orientation.

When you put your employee orientation online, you can say goodbye to all the time previously spent in front of the copier printing hundreds of copies of the included documents. You can also say goodbye to the previously scheduled six-hour sessions spent reviewing the same materials over and over again. When your employees do orientation online, you don't have to be there. Just think about all the extra time you'll have to work on other projects and tasks.


It's a well-known fact in the elearning industry that online training can reduce the time spent to learn something by an average of 40%. In fact, one of our clients cut their time spent in employee orientation from six hours in person to 90 minutes online. So not only will you have extra time, your new employees will thank you for decreasing the amount of time they have to set aside for orientation.