Save Time and Money: Put Your Employee Orientation Online!

Your organization, like nearly every other one in the country, probably hosts multiple day-long employee orientation sessions. Sound familiar? If you're looking for a way to shorten the delivery of all this important information, eliminate all the time spent in the copy room, and make orientation something employees don’t dread so much, we can help!

Online orientation training will delight and engage your employees

Online orientation can incorporate interactive exercises to keep new employees engaged and interested in the materials.  

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When you put your employee orientation training online, it will allow your agency to be more productive

Online employee orientation substantially reduces the administrative workload, freeing up more time for other tasks.

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With online learning, you can customize the orientation for each staff member

We'll take your existing orientation materials and turn them into an interactive and engaging online presentation.

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When you put your employee orientation training online, it gives you back more time in your day to work on other tasks

It's orientation on demand! Now employees can review the materials anywhere, any time, with a web-enabled device. 

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Consolidate all of your employee training records by putting your content online

Your employees' documents and orientation records will be stored in a secure cloud, accessible with just a few clicks.

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Save money by putting your orientation training online

By switching to online employee orientation, some of our clients have saved as much as 70%. How much can you save?

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Transitioning from in-person employee orientation to online employee orientation is as simple as sending us an email. Or giving us a call. Or filling out a form so we can call you. We'll send you our easy-to-complete orientation packet and off we go!

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