Reporting (what we like to call eTracking)

One of the most important parts of taking a training program, especially when you are taking a government-mandated training program, is proving that you completed it. If you have all the knowledge required to do your job, that’s fantastic. However, often you need to show someone, either an employer or an auditor, that you have, in fact, completed required training programs.

Here's where the eTracking in Training & eTracking Solutions comes into play: we've made accessing all the information you need easy - just run a report and show it to the auditor. Or click one button and print your certificate of completion. It's as simple as that. You can choose from our numerous built-in reports, filtered exactly how you need it, to show records for the entire organization or for just a few select employees.

Having everything in one place is critical. Think about it - no more rows of filing cabinets or antiquated spreadsheets. 

We keep track of everything in our learning environment, including which training programs have been taken, which have yet to be completed, and test grades. Because grading is instantaneous, every time you run a report you get real-time data!

We have a variety of reports available, whether you are trying to review your own personal data, or the data of your employees. Reports are easy to run and print out, making it easier than ever to show the results to anyone who might need to see them. No matter whether you are proving your own credentials or satisfying an audit, you'll have all the information you need at the touch of a button.

stack of reports