Earn Money without Lifting a Finger

Associations in the developmental disabilities, assisted living, mental health, and child care fields have a lot on their plate with all the agencies under their management, so Training & eTracking Solutions set out to make things a little easier.

We also have the ability to make custom training programs and, through an association, we can implement these trainings to every individual agency. This gets everyone on the same page, creating a single standardized training and ensures that the entire association has the most up-to-date and effective training available.

By implementing training programs across an entire agency, we also have the opportunity to give something back. Associations who use our training are eligible to receive up to 25% of the gross revenue of all training sales. What this means is that, if an association agrees to use us for training, every single training program purchased by agencies under that association’s control earns money back for the association!

earning money with online training

Use our trainings; get money back. It really is that simple!

Associations who are interested in this program are encouraged to contact us for a free consultation. We can discuss the options available to you with absolutely no obligation.

Want to see who is taking advantage of the revenue program today?  Take a quick look at just a few of our non-profit partners.