District of Columbia (DC) Department on Disability Services (DDS) Online DSP Training Certification Packages

DC DDA Phase 1

Phase 1

NOTE: As per DDS, until the training policy is updated, this content must be taught in conjunction with a live trainer.

By completing this nine-course training package, learners will meet the initial Phase 1 training requirement under DC DDS to be employed as a direct support professional. Phase 1 training is required before any DSP can begin work in DC.



DC DDA Phase 3

Phase 3

This seven-course package has been developed for Direct Support Professionals needing to meet the Phase 3 training requirement as established by DC DDS. Phase 3 is due at the time of hire and annually thereafter.






DC DDA Phase 4

Phase 4:
Coalition and Non-Coalition

By completing the Phase 4 Enhanced training package, you will meet the 10-hour annual requirement of continued education for direct care workers who are members of the Provider Coalition in the District of Columbia. Choose any combination of 10 hours of training from the list of available courses.

NOTE: If you are not a member of the Provider Coalition, you need to take 15-hour training program.


District of Columbia (DC) Department on Disability Services (DDS) Online DSP Training Certification Packages

Training & eTracking Solutions is proud to offer a training package for the District of Columbia's Department on Disability Services!

By completing each of the above training packages, you will meet the District of Columbia's Department on Disability Services requirement to be employed as a direct support professional under DC's DDS regulations. The content in the Phase I and Phase III courses was originally prepared by DC DDS and has been adapted to be taught online.

Even better, all training records are available immediately online so you can quickly and easily be prepared in the event of an audit, or if you need training on demand.

We understand that direct support professionals have hectic and often-unpredictable schedules, and cannot always be available to join a training program hosted during the day. For this reason, we've created a training system that conforms to the individual schedules and needs of our users. Even if you can only devote short periods of time to training, our courses can be stopped and started at any time, allowing for a truly unique, user-driven experience.

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All courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and are accessible from any web-enabled device.

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