Self Harm: Identification and Treatment

Self Harm: Identification and Treatment Online Training Course

Self Harm: Identification and Treatment

People self-harm as a means of relieving emotional pain or so they can feel something in the presence of nothing. 

In this course you will learn about the different types of self-harm behaviors as well as the triggers that may cause people to participate in self-injurious behavior. We will also discuss the warning signs to look for and offer methods for preventing self-harm and providing treatment to young people who self-harm.

  • Define self-harm and know the types of self-harm
  • Recognize the triggers of self-harm behaviors
  • Work with youth who self–harm
  • Recognize the warning signs that indicate a youth is involved in self-harm
  • Understand treatment strategies
  • Prevent self-harm behaviors
Credit Hours: 1.0
Course Author: Arlene Hackbarth, LCPC

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