We Make it Easy to Put Your Employee Orientation Online

What's Included?

One 90-minute, self-guided web-based orientation program for your staff includes all your orientation documents, forms, policies, and handouts and comes complete with voiceover instruction, engaging interactive exercises, and graphics. The whole package is branded for your organization and can feature an eSignature validation at the end.  

It's your emplpyee orientation, your way, at your price! Take a look at some of the unique features below:

Customized branding using your logo and color scheme on the template

branding.png We'll incorporate your logo, custom images, and color scheme into the orientation template to reinforce your brand.

90 minutes of orientation (typically translates to 120 screens) on the topics of your choice

All your documents and records will be securely stored in the learning management system, just a few clicks away. content.png

Professional voiceover provided by our talent (you provide the script)

 Voiceover.png Our professional voice artists bring your materials to life and ensure that your presentation will be pleasant to listen to and easy to follow.

Simple interactive exercises (true/false, multiple choice, ordering, matching)

Embed up to 10 interactive exercises of your choice to help engage your audience and improve knowledge retention!


Existing videos can be embedded throughout presentation 

 videos.png Personally welcome your new employees, without actually being in the room! We'll add your videos to the presentation to give it a more personal touch.

Your forms and handouts uploaded 

Add printable forms and handouts to the presentation so new employees have everything they need to hit the ground running on their first day of work. forms.png

eSignature requirement at the end of the presentation

 esign.png Ensure compliance and simplify the task of obtaining signatures by adding an electronic signature to the end of your orientation presentation. 

If our Online Employee Orientation Doesn't Save You Money, We'll Give You a Refund!


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