A Guide to Effective Communication in the Workplace

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This whitepaper is broken down into four main sections to provide insights into common problems we all face with workplace communication, and tips to achieve more effective communication with your coworkers.

Section 1: Stop Talking and Start Listening

In this section we tackle basic problems we all encounter with everyday communications in the workplace, and offer tips on how to improve your communication by first becoming a better listener.

Section 2: Be Confident!

Confidence is one of the most important aspects to communication. In this section we describe the vital role confidence plays in communication, and offer tips on how to improve your confidence in the workplace.

Section 3: Own your Knowledge

This section covers the importance of understanding the extent of your own knowledge, and offers tips on how to use the knowledge you have to make an impact on your company.

Section 4: Engage in Conversation Non-verbally

We may not always think about our body language when communicating in the workplace, but non-verbal communication can often be the most vital part of effective communication. This section provides tips on how to improve your non-verbal communication to become a better communicator.