Why Work Life Balance is Vital

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why work life balance is vital

So often we hear others talk about building a work life balance. While this is nice and sounds reasonable to everyone, implementing it and making it a habit are not as easily done. When constant stress and financial pressure push people to earn as much as possible, they end up overworked. This often then creates […]

All Work and No Play is No Good

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work life balance

When it comes to our personal lives and professional careers, there is a balance that must be in place. A compromise we make with ourselves to supply for our financial and personal wellbeing. No matter how much we may try to keep them separated, our work and personal lives constantly mix. This is okay and […]

How to Set Boundaries as a Supervisor

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how to set boundaries as a supervisor

Between an increasingly complex office dynamic and more social media presence than ever before, the lines between co-worker and friend have never been fuzzier. Whether we’re talking about personally or professionally, creating boundaries with your employees is critical, but there is a nuance that needs to be understood. How to Set Boundaries as a Supervisor […]

Tips for Disciplining Employees

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tips for disciplining employees

Employees are people, and at times, people mess up. Whether their error was mismanaging time and getting behind on a project or they’re slacking off on the job, an infraction is an infraction. With that said, not every single mishap is something that rises to the occasion of termination or even severely disciplining employees, and […]

Is Remote Work a Good Idea for My Company?

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is remote work a good idea for my company

With COVID-19 shutting down schools, workplaces, and nonessential businesses across the United States, questions about working from home and remote work are more pertinent than ever. In some industries, working from home has been the norm for years now. This recent pandemic may continue to push more businesses in this direction. If you are a […]

How to Make the Most of Working from Home

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how to make the most of working from home

Today’s economic landscape is one that is rapidly shifting thanks to major changes, especially when it comes to technology. Changes in tech have allowed to work harder, smarter, and more efficiently. One thing our modern technology allows for, depending on your job, is to work from home. So many of our businesses run online and […]

Your Stress Levels Affect More Than Just You

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Your Stress Levels Affect More Than Just You

There are so many factors that go into running an efficient office today. Proper tools and technology, adequate training, the right team dynamics, etc. You could go on forever. Perhaps none is more important than having happy, fully functioning employees. When an employee is not feeling 100%, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional, they […]

What You Don’t Know About Stress Can Kill You

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what you don't know about stress can kill you

Headaches, anxiety, tension, and irritation. No matter what your response to stress is, it is something that we all experience on a daily basis. Especially, now that the country is facing the biggest pandemic our generation has seen. Stress is a normal part of our lives and it actually can be beneficial in the right […]

The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

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the pros and cons of working from home

There is no doubt that technology continues to drastically shape the way our world looks and the way we interact with it and each other. In the business realm, new technology is always adapted quickly and effectively. Things like telephones, computers, the internet, and more have made businesses more efficient and productive. Another effect is […]

Coronavirus and the Workplace

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Coronavirus and the workplace

With the recent spread of the disease known as the coronavirus, fears of infection are at an all-time high. Before we slam the panic button on this situation, locking ourselves in our homes or jumping off of high rises, it’s important to gather facts and be informed on the specifics of this disease. Inform yourself […]

How to Keep Your Company Accessible

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How to keep your company accessible

The Americans with Disabilities Act is an important piece of legislation which allows people of all physical and mental abilities to have the same opportunities and chances. However, like most pieces of major legislation, it is complicated and can be difficult to understand what you need to do to be in compliance. Once you understand […]

The Americans with Disabilities Act and Your Business

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The Americans with Disabilities Act and Your Company

Facilitating equality and fairness is everyone’s responsibility and it can take on many different forms. On top of religious and cultural diversity, it is important for us to recognize and accommodate those with physical and mental handicaps as well. Their limitations should not hold them back from living a fulfilling and productive life. This extends […]

When was the Last Time You Took a Good Look at Your Candidate Experience?

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When was the last time you took a good look at your candidate experience

If you are looking to actively hire for your company, then examining your candidate experience before you begin searching can help improve your job search. Your candidate experience is what a job applicant goes through when applying to your company. From job posting to interview and follow up, every point of contact or communication you […]

How Bad Candidate Experiences Affect Your Company

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Group of applicants who know how bad candidate experiences affect your company

The “candidate experience” is the series of interactions and communications between your company and a potential employee. How a job seeker and potential employer interact can be as important as the job and compensation that are offered. The candidate experience is essential to get right if you want to be able to attract the best […]

Equal Employment Opportunity: What it Means for Your Workplace

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Manager going over equal employment opportunity guidelines

As an employer, navigating the myriad of federal and state regulations can be an incredibly complicated process. It’s vital to make sure your company is in compliance to avoid any penalties. In fact, nearly every company with more than 15 employees is obligated to follow a series of equal employment opportunity laws. Equal employment opportunity […]

Pregnancy and the Workplace

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Woman successfully managing pregnancy and the workplace

Studies have shown that companies who incorporate woman into their workplaces are more successful. This trend holds true regardless of the specific industry. Since the days of World War II having women in the workplace has become more and more common. Today, people don’t think twice about having members of both sexes in their office. […]

Respecting Women in the Workplace

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Group of coworkers who understand respecting women in the workplace

In the 21st century, we as a society and culture are taking great strides to be inclusive of diverse groups of people. It’s vital to make people from these minority groups feel welcome and comfortable in any environment, especially a professional one. Not doing so can result in the suppression of ideas that could greatly […]

How to Get Out of the Plateauing Cycle

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Woman learning how to get out of the plateauing cycle

Our professional and personal lives set us on a course of constant skill development. In order to further success, especially in your career, honing and sharpening your knowledge and skills is vital. However, it is common to experience plateaus in the course of your development. These are defined as experiencing a lack of progression from […]

From Coworker to Manager: A Guide

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Man who has gone from coworker to manager takes over team

Maneuvering into a position of leadership, particularly if you’ll be leading people that once called you a peer, can be a daunting task. Relationship dynamics shift, how you work with your team changes, and sometimes even resentment can create further tension. If you’re going from coworker to manager, here is a quick and straightforward guide […]

Facts About Depression for Managers

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Woman who wish she knew facts about depression for managers

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States. It affects almost 7% of American adults alone – that’s more than 16 million people – each year. In addition to this, only a third or so of those suffering from depression will seek out treatment for this condition. Depression is very […]

Depression in the Workplace

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Office worker struggling with depression in the workplace

Depression in the workplace is no small matter. From absenteeism to lost productivity to the cost of treatments, clinical depression can be a very serious – and expensive – issue to handle. It is, however, far more dangerous to ignore. Most people suffering from clinical depression can be treated – and becoming aware of depression […]

Ten Tips for Teams

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People happy they learned ten tips for teams

A well established and cohesive team is powerful. Teams foster a healthy workplace culture, and help your employees to cultivate a sense of camaraderie and group strength in the workplace. Are you looking for some key tips that can enhance your team and take them to the next level? We’ve got you covered with these […]

Building Efficient Teams: the Do’s and Don’ts

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Coworkers learning about building efficient teams

Regardless of how professional or experienced its members might be, it’s hard to toss a group of people together, label them a team, and then just expect results. All definitions of the word team include some variation of the term “unified” or “come together.” The keys to building efficient teams is like mindedness, shared goals, […]

How to Know When it’s Time to Update Your Employee Orientation

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The orientation and onboarding processes that your new hires go through are simultaneously difficult — both for you and for them — and of the utmost importance. A great orientation sets your hired talent up for success, arming them with the baseline tools they need to get started on the path to success with your […]

How Will We Support the Rapidly Growing Elderly Population?

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How Will We Support the Rapidly Growing Elderly Population?

In this ever-changing society where individuals are living longer and post-World War IIgroup of elderly people baby boomers are reaching the age of 65 or older, the prevention and treatment of diseases are becoming more complex. Because of this, the need for an efficient and affordable health care delivery systems is greater than ever. According [...]