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How a Pandemic Changes Business

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How a Pandemic Changes BusinessAt the beginning of 2020, no one anticipated the world we would be living in just months down the line. There is truly no facet of daily life that coronavirus has not affected. Education, shopping, travel, and business have all drastically changed to accommodate the new normal we find ourselves in. It’s been an adjustment, but we are beginning to see how a pandemic changes the way we do business.

Making the Adjustments

Businesses almost always have game plans for major changes in the economic landscape. Without one, things can easily fall apart. However, not even the most well prepared company could be entirely ready for the changes we’ve seen. As CDC mandates enforce new standards for public interactions, businesses are heavily affected. Retail locations have the most challenges, but even conventional offices have to implement changes. For example, some of the changes include:

  • Distancing between employees in the workplace
  • Less in-person meetings, more online and video communication
  • Some companies working from home on a permanent basis

Hiring in the COVID Era

As the pandemic hit, nearly every business went on a hiring freeze. With so much of the future in question, filling new or open positions fell to the wayside. These months of hibernation led many companies to seek new employees in earnest once businesses reopened. However, risk management means that working from home is much more common, and video interviews have become preferable to in-person. Working from home is much more common. Documents you fill out in person are going digital and your in person training is substituted for online programs.

How Training & eTracking Solutions Can Help

All of these unique issues can be solved in one easy application, JackRabbit onboarding software. We built this system to be simple, effective, and seamless. When in person hiring and training can’t occur, then Training & eTracking Solutions can get your human resources functioning again. We can provide:

  • Integrated Zoom video interviews
  • Secure online document transfer and electronic signature
  • World class online training and certifications in a variety of industries
  • Creation of custom training material specific to your industry

With our combination of services, you can find a simple solution for all of your hiring needs. Whether in the midst of a pandemic or just streamlining your current hiring process, Training & eTracking Solutions can help! Of course, we’ve all seen how a pandemic changes business, now come see how we are changing how business gets done in a pandemic!

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