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How To Thrive in the New Normal

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These days people struggle to find what is normal. Coronavirus has shut down schools and millions of businesses across the nation. This has given rise to questions about what the future will look like and what will become the new normal. Things like working from home and remote work are more relevant than ever and may well be commonplace long into the future. Of course, for some industries, working from home has been the norm for years now. This recent pandemic may continue to push more businesses in this direction. As work from home employment increases, so will the need for effective ways to train, track, and communicate with your employees.

Managing the Switch

Face to face boardrooms are being traded for Zoom meetings and suits and ties swapped for sweats and slippers. However, the changes in the business environment does not have to change your businesses efficiency. Several industries even notice improved production and morale with employees working entirely from home.

Of course, working from home because of a worldwide pandemic and working from home permanently are different scenarios. However, both require the same type of adjustments and feature the same pros and cons. If you are looking to take your team to a work from home model permanently, now is a good time to use as a test run.

You Need New Tools

The biggest thing you’ll need is new tools and software for your team to utilize. Things like Zoom and Skype will require that team members all have working microphones and cameras. Most laptops these days come with both. But if not, then new laptops might be needed for your team. On top of this, without face to face interaction, your team will need a chat system to stay in touch that is more immediate than even email. Things like Google Chat and Microsoft Teams can allow for this while also integrating collaboration and project management feature designed with productivity in mind.

Maintaining Work Flow in the New Arena

Once you are adjusted and working from home with your team, you will find other orders of business can be difficult to deal with from home. For example, hiring and training new employees. When you can’t bring prospects in for interviews and training you need to have powerful and precise tools to help. Training & eTracking Solutions has been offering online training in a variety of industries for years. We can create customized and engaging trainings that ensure your employees retain knowledge and can apply it.

On top of our training courses, tests, and completion tracking, we also offer an online document system called JackRabbit that helps you keep in touch with new hires and employees. You can easily send all necessary documents to a new hire through our simple interface and track their receipt and completion. You can hire, enroll, and train a new employee entirely online!