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When was the Last Time You Took a Good Look at Your Candidate Experience?

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When was the last time you took a good look at your candidate experience

If you are looking to actively hire for your company, then examining your candidate experience before you begin searching can help improve your job search. Your candidate experience is what a job applicant goes through when applying to your company. From job posting to interview and follow up, every point of contact or communication you […]

How Bad Candidate Experiences Affect Your Company

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Group of applicants who know how bad candidate experiences affect your company

The “candidate experience” is the series of interactions and communications between your company and a potential employee. How a job seeker and potential employer interact can be as important as the job and compensation that are offered. The candidate experience is essential to get right if you want to be able to attract the best […]

Pregnancy and the Workplace

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Woman successfully managing pregnancy and the workplace

Studies have shown that companies who incorporate woman into their workplaces are more successful. This trend holds true regardless of the specific industry. Since the days of World War II having women in the workplace has become more and more common. Today, people don’t think twice about having members of both sexes in their office. […]

Respecting Women in the Workplace

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Group of coworkers who understand respecting women in the workplace

In the 21st century, we as a society and culture are taking great strides to be inclusive of diverse groups of people. It’s vital to make people from these minority groups feel welcome and comfortable in any environment, especially a professional one. Not doing so can result in the suppression of ideas that could greatly […]

Depression in the Workplace

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Office worker struggling with depression in the workplace

Depression in the workplace is no small matter. From absenteeism to lost productivity to the cost of treatments, clinical depression can be a very serious – and expensive – issue to handle. It is, however, far more dangerous to ignore. Most people suffering from clinical depression can be treated – and becoming aware of depression […]