Content Conversion

Employees need training in order to succeed at their jobs. This is not news to anyone - but we do hear from a number of companies that admit to having outdated, boring training materials. But don't worry, better options are available!

It’s never too late to improve your employee training program. Training & eTracking Solutions can actually take your existing training materials and turn them into fully functional online training programs, all at little-to-no cost to organizations that provide the materials.

convert to online training

You can give us hard copies of what you're teaching (for example, your outline or the notes from which you teach) or, if possible, we can sit it on one of your training programs and go from there. 

If you have training programs you wish were more effective, easier to use, or just less reminiscent of an age before the Internet, Training & eTracking Solutions can help. All you have to do is provide your materials (in whichever fashion works for you), and we’ll handle the rest.