Learning Environment

Learning Management System

The learning environment, the learning management system (LMS), is the unsung hero of the eLearning world. It is the foundation upon which we build all our training programs. It is the place that hosts all of our training programs. When you sign up for training through Training & eTracking Solutions, we direct you to our learning environment, where you log in and take your training.

But training is not the only thing that goes on inside the LMS. We also handle all testing! What this means for the user is there is a completely seamless transition between completing a training program and taking a test on that material. You don’t have to find your way to the test site, all you have to do is click – and you’re right where you need to be.

Within the LMS, you can track all your data, as well as the data for your employees if you are a manager or administrator of multiple users. Anything you want to know about your training status you can look up in a just few clicks through the LMS. It’s your one-stop shop for all your training needs!