We Make it Easy to Put Your Employee Orientation Online

JackRabbit Online Orientation System


Training & eTracking Solutions’ JackRabbit system is the ultimate solution for quickly and easily onboarding new employees. The average hiring process is timely and expensive. However, when it’s time to go from interviewee to employee, the JackRabbit system takes, on average, one third the amount of time as standard in-person processes.

What does JackRabbit Include?

JackRabbit is a simple, easy to use interface that allows you to quickly and securely send any and all necessary documents and links to your new hire’s inbox. We can convert any physical documents you have into a convenient digital format that can be easily filled out.

Once logged in to JackRabbit, you can choose the documents you’d like to send, then choose or add the emails to receive the documents. Hit send and your documents will be immediately delivered.

All your company’s orientation forms are safely uploaded into your secure Jackrabbit account.

Your offer of employment, forms, files or PDF folders can easily be accessed by your HR department in order to customize each offer of employment.

All updates by the prospective employee are completed with no need for the new hire to download or upload a file.

The new hire can easily complete all of the attached documents online. Once completed your HR department is notified that the file can safely be downloaded onto your server and viewed.

Once this process is completed, your HR department can safely delete the new hire’s file from the BOX folder.

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JackRabbit 30-Day Free Trial

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As part of your 30-day free trial of JackRabbit, we will digitize any 9 documents of your choosing for the trial period. If you decide to sign up for a full 12-month contract by the end of the 30-day trial period, we will add the remainder of your onboarding documents at no additional charge. This offer carries no financial commitment on your part or obligation to continue with the program.

If you would like to request a 15 minute demo of the JackRabbit onboarding software fill out this form and we will be happy to accommodate.

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