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Training & eTracking Solutions develops innovative and unique online training and offers a different way to learn online. We recreate real, relevant, on-the-job scenarios that not only teach our students, but let them immediately apply everything they learn. We strive to create as close to a real-life training environment as possible, and our students leave with knowledge and confidence in their abilities that other training providers just can’t match.

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“Training & eTracking Solutions offers us a proactive hiring process for our future employees. Online training allows candidates a clear understanding and learning of DC DDS training. Thus far our candidates have given great feedback about this process. Two Thumbs Up!!!”

Lolethia Lucas Human Resources Director (former) Vested Optimum Community Services, Inc.

“The Center for Life Enrichment has utilized the online trainings from Training and eTracking Solutions since September of 2012. From the start, we have been very pleased with the results that this program has offered our facility.

The flexibility for our staff, the cost savings to our agency and the time saving for our management team has made it a very beneficial tool! No more waiting for trainers or conflicts in staff schedules, just register and go!!

Our entire management team has been very satisfied with the support that we receive from Training & eTracking Solutions that we would recommend this service to all provider agencies.”

Randy Ferguson Executive Director The Center for Life Enrichment

“The online training has been great for our agency – it has improved our training outcomes and has saved us money. It has made it much easier for us to get staff trained in a timely manner. The quality of the training modules is excellent.”

Sandy Adkins Executive Director Somerset Community Services

“For years I wanted to develop an on-line alternative especially for the DDA mandates but I never found the time. Training & eTracking Solutions has accomplished what I could not, they have done an exemplary job, and they are local. Their curriculum was developed with State of Maryland Providers in mind.

I could not be happier with the product, with the customer service, or with the results. You will not find a better on-line training service provider to work with and I cannot recommend Training & eTracking Solutions to you more highly. I think every provider should have Training & eTracking Solutions on their team. I’m glad I do.”

David Dellman Human Resources and Training Director Richcroft Inc.

“Training & eTracking Solutions Online Trainings have been quick and easy to use, but more importantly, they have given us an opportunity to focus on service delivery to our clients rather than hours and hours of staff training.”

Maggie Hunter Director of Admissions & QA Head Injury Rehabilitation & Referral Services, Inc.

“We have really enjoyed having the ability to train our staff in such a timely manner. “

Jon Metro Assistant Program Director Worcester County Developmental Center