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How to Position Yourself for a Promotion

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How to position yourself for a raiseGetting promoted at work can feel incredible, particularly if you love your job. A fulfilling career should give you an upward trajectory, and being in the right place for a promotion is critical to that aim.

No boss will promote someone who isn’t a good candidate; years of service at a company do not translate to value provided. This is where you hear horror stories of a person who has had the same job for 25 years, does the bare minimum but is constantly sour because they’re passed up for promotions. These people are the Phantom of the Office, and you never want to be them.

Perhaps you find yourself wondering how to get a promotion? How do you make it obvious that you want more responsibility and the pay that goes along with it? We’ve put together some tips for positioning yourself for that promotion that gets you closer to the top of your organization.

Exceed at your current job

It can be a slog going into work every day if you hate your job, but getting promoted might make things better. If you hate your job, find another one, but if you love your job or don’t have any other options, then do it well because simply put, that’s how to get a promotion.

Nobody gets promoted because they’ve just hung around. Promotions happen when it’s obvious you’re doing your best, exceeding what’s expected and are being an asset. Whether you deliver mail or you’re an HR rep, be incredible at it and your boss will notice.

Help out but don’t get used

There’s a fine line between being that person whom everyone can count on, and being the office patsy. You don’t want to help someone with their work if they’re just going to pawn off their dreg jobs to you. Look for the truly overloaded person and see how you can help.

If you’re able to keep your job humming beautifully while helping someone else with theirs, you’re a person who can be trusted. Additionally, helping out someone else just to help is a leadership skill, and that’s again something your boss will take note of.

Add value to your office

Let’s say your job is writing reports, and though the process is pretty straightforward, after years of doing it, you realize it could be done better. Write up a proposal to change processes and present it to your boss. Even if they don’t accept it, it shows initiative and that’s never a bad thing.

Find new ways to learn

Always keep up on your field through webinars, classes and whatever other means you can. In some cases, this might mean proposing a conference to your boss for you to attend. If you can make a good case as to how it would help you do your job better, and ultimately help the office, then you’re well on your way towards a promotion.

If your boss agrees to pay for a travel and conference fee for you, then they want to keep you around. This is good information when you make your case to get promoted.

Being an exemplary employee is a great way to get noticed, but don’t confuse this with brownnosing. Nobody likes a sycophant – any inclination you have to spend your time sucking up to your boss should be spent being a better employee instead. Your supervisors will notice and your co-workers will appreciate that you’re someone they can rely on if they’re in a bind. Being a leader like this will put you in the perfect position for a promotion.