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MD-DDATraining & eTracking Solutions offers a comprehensive demo showcasing a single module taken from one of our direct support professional training packages. 

Key Features:

  • Specialized content developed by professionals in the industry.

  • Captivating video presentations in an easy-to-access format – minimal technical knowledge required!

  • A completely immersive training experience, complete with interactive exercises to assess your knowledge throughout the presentation!

  • Train at your own pace!  Stop and start slides as needed for flexible training options to fit your schedule.

  • Automatic grading and instant feedback. Know how you tested immediately after completing your training.

  • Train on your schedule!  Modules are accessible to you 24/7/365.

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In addition to the course you'll be able to preview here, we offer a multitude of other courses specific to direct support professionals. Here is a sampling of some of our courses:

  • The Aging Process

  • Community Integration and Inclusion

  • Fundamental Rights of Individuals

  • General Characteristics and Needs of Individuals

  • Individual Directed Outcome Oriented Planning for Individuals

  • Principles of Behavior Change

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