Save Your Agency’s Time and Money with an Annual Subscription

Take control of your training budget with an annual subscription!

With an annual online training subscription, you’ll have access to your choice of courses from our catalog of more than 150 hours of training. With a subscription, employees can take as many courses as they need, all at one reduced flat rate. With a lower per-employee training cost, a training subscription is a great way to offset the cost of employee turnover and keep your team up to date on the latest trends and skills.

Just a few of the features an annual subscription offers:

  • Cost reduction: Your employees can take as many courses as they need, all at one low flat rate.
  • Unlimited training: The more you train, the more you save. Whether your staff needs five courses a year or monthly refreshers, it’s 100% up to you.
  • Manager role: Manager access keeps you up to date on training progress, just a mouse click away.
  • Access to reports: You can run up-to-the-minute reports as often as you need them or automate reports so you always know who’s in compliance (and who isn’t).

Interested in making your own custom subscription package? No problem!

We can work with agencies of any size to put together a custom subscription training package that will meet the individual needs of your organization.